Free on line web collaboration software that works with Skype is available at and

When conducting free line telephone conferences with remote clients you can show drawings, pdf files, spread sheets, presentations, etc., direct from your PC to others, on line, while you talk.

You have the option of showing all, or selected elements from your PC screen to theirs. You may also control of software on a remote PC. To join a conference, users click on a time limited URL you send. Unyte is free for groups of five PCs, for larger groups other software is needed.

Last week, I made a presentation to a client and edited an energy savings spread sheet on their PC, not much of a story, but the client was in Mexico, and an associate from Montreal, joined the conference. We both edited the spread sheet, as we talked to the client.

There is no need to travel for a short meeting, when you can collaborate on line, for free.

To conduct on line conferences, or control a remote PC you need:
Windows XP, Broadband connection and a headset with mic.

1. Internet Browser: Firefox Version 1.50 Free download at:

2. Download Java Runtime for Windows XP
This Firefox plug-in works in the background.

3. Download Skype:

4. Download Unyte:

If you work with sophisticated users and need to share a large number of files, go direct to the Verosee collaboration software. This is a free beta release. No need for an FTP server Versosee provides on & off line file syncing for group collaborators.

Collaboration sofware will change the way we work forever. Dynamic remote group collaboration with real time on line file sharing is here now. Do you need to discuss & edit documents with associates who are in remote locations at the same time? Now you can.

Can Customer Service in Singapore help a Hong Kong shipper correct documents in real time, while your client in Dubai joins the conference call?

Can a Cell Center do more than just talk to customers? Do you need to show solutions on line in real time? The days of email ping pong are over when you can work together in real time.

Verosee is the tip of an iceberg. These solutions propel Skype into the premiere VOIP solution for business