Retailers have been adopting skylighting as a design feature in stores to take advantage of savings. A typical grocery store in Los Angeles saved $10,000 per year by adding skylights. One retailer reported clothing returns decreased dramatically after installing skylights. Wal-Mart’s experience at their experimental ‘Eco-Mart’ produced dramatic results, as a cost saving measure, Wal-Mart installed skylights in only half the store. Wal-Mart saved energy using natural lighting with skylights, but something else happened. Cash registers connected in real time back to headquarters, showed sales were ‘significantly higher’ in the daylit half of the store, and they were also higher there, than in the same departments at other stores. Employees in the half without daylighting kept trying to have their departments moved to the daylit side.

Mall Remodels 2006:

Skylighting and Retail Sales: Daylighting and Human Performance

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