The radio world is not flat. Where is my Web 2.0 'Global Radio Dial' GUI with digital location and station descriptions? I want to dial radio stations around the world with a mini globe or Goggle Earth Radio. If the whole world can talk for free on Skype, where can the whole world listen for free? I want to travel the world by radio.

I want to listen to what's new with Afro Beat – so what can I hear in South Africa? Is there a station on Table Mountain? Is there a hot station in Mozambique? Can I chill in Sri Lanka?

Where can I see all the music stations in the world? I doubt Google has thought about this, they haven't got video figured out yet.

If the world is flat…why am still I looking at lists of radio stations? Hello again Steve, are you out there? Look, blow off the folders & lists…that is so Web 1.0.

I want to listen to the world with a Web 2.0 app.

I want the world and I want it now!

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