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Skype 4.1 Update Tip

Skype released version 4.1 for Windows today however they forgot to update their servers & download links.

All Skype website download links for version 4.1 only download version 4.0.

Best to wait until Skype gets this sorted out.

Update: Skype download links for 4.1 are A-OK now.

Screensharing is the best new feature.

Skype 4.1 MIA

Polycom released new Beta software today for the Polycom C100S. If you use Vista, Skype and a Polycom C100S you will want to upgrade. Note: After installation you need to tell Windows Defender to allow this new software. This is not noted in the installation instructions. See screencast installation tip here:

Polycom C100S Beta 2.9.1

Call your Twitter Followers direct via Skype. With the Skype toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer installed you can call telephone numbers or Skype contacts who have their web presence enabled from any web page. Skype shows your availability status to others on-line. This allows you to call your Twitter Followers direct with Skype.

Skype Twitter Presense 10-06-2009 7-59-47 PM

Skype has released new Beta software which allows remote screen sharing.

You can share part or all of your screen.

Click Share in the text chat box.

Click photos for a larger view.

New Skype Beta software for Windows + Mac.

Does Ray Does Use Vista?

Ray Ozzie the Chief Software Architect at Microsoft uses a Polycom C100S hands free communicator for Skype.

This has best hands free audio for Skype I have used. Perhaps Ray does not use Vista. Unfortunately Polycom has never bothered to update their drivers for Vista.

What a shame. I need to call Oprah, she understands Skype.

Some thoughts for my friends who are not yet using Skype.

1. Do you want a Fee Phone or Free Phone?
2. Call Free PC to PC.
3. Lower call costs to Fee Phones.
4. Video conference free.
5. Text & send files, when talking.
6. See online status before calling.
7. Share PC screen when talking.
8. Send secure files PC to PC + files too large to email.
9. Best call quality.

Skype more than just talk…

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